Cultural Evanesce

Manchester Youth Empowerment Club awarded National Lottery Heritage Fund grant to explore and preserve Yoruba heritage culture on birth and naming a child. Click here for details.

The program will run from October 2022 to October 2023

Project Sanguine 

Project Sanguine is aim to boost the confidence of our young people from disadvantaged families in general and particularly the young people from immigrant’s parents living in Manchester.

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Arnold Project

This project tackles the lack of confidence of the youth and in particular the African immigrant from disadvantage families in the community, it implement the mechanism to boost the confidence, as it is known that lack of confidence in young individuals can lead to dropout in school resulting in street life and making them be at the risk of becoming gangster.

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Educational Project

In MYEC, we understand that Algebra is extremely important in mathematics, because it introduces the equality and expressions, which are used from then on. In fact, the algebra of numbers is just one MINOR example of the multitudes of algebras that one will learn about in future mathematics, and is the basis for things like calculus. 

It is kind of the root of all future mathematics.

You can learn set-theoretical mathematics without algebra, but after you learn union and intersection, then you are back at using it as algebra.
Finally, Algebra covers almost 60% of GCSE maths. This means if you understand Algebra, you are gurranteed 7 in one's result

Sponsored by : Community Network group 

MYEC Food bank

MYEC also provides a Food Bank for families on benefits and low income, which makes a big difference between starvation or our desperate families committing crime in order to service and feed their families.

Our foodbanks play a vital role in helping to prevent crime, housing loss, and family breakdown and mental health problems which is attributed to deprivation.

Sponsored by : Community Network group