Manchester Youth Empowerment Club (MYEC) aims to address the social issues affecting the teenagers from black ethnic minority in Manchester, especially from African migrants.

MYEC seeks to empower young people by promoting activities that improves physical, social & emotional well being. 

MYEC provides activities that can help combat the social problems affecting our teenagers.

We create a safe place and quality sustainable environment for the network of youths, promote social cohesion and provide empowerment programs, building the confidence, character, so as to enable them be the best they can be. 

Our holistic in-depth support includes educational support, drama class, mentorship programs, and much more.

A spotlight on apprenticeships in aerospace

Aerospace engineers have the chance to impact almost every part of our lives, so investing in the next generation is essential. 

Are you interested in starting a career in engineering?

enjoy complex problem solving?

Then our engineering apprenticeship could be the perfect role for you to set you on the right track!

Redbrick and Russell Group Universities

You may have heard the terms ‘Redbrick’ and ‘Russell Group’ being flung around here and there, but what do they actually mean? And do they make any difference?