About Us

About us

As the Manchester Youth Empowerment Club (MYEC), our comprehensive strategy to combat addiction, particularly social media and vaping, leverages a range of programs designed to promote the physical, social, and emotional well-being of our young people. Here's how each program psychologically contributes to preventing addictions:

Seminars/Workshops: These sessions are pivotal in addressing addiction head-on. They provide a platform for education and awareness, where youths learn about the risks and consequences of addictive behaviors. These interactive sessions also encourage open discussions, helping participants to understand and relate to the material on a personal level. The cognitive aspect of learning in these workshops helps in recognizing and countering addictive patterns.

Educational Support: This program focuses on academic enrichment and life skills development. By engaging in structured learning, youths can develop a sense of purpose and achievement, which is crucial in building self-esteem and resilience against addictive behaviors. Educational support also includes teaching critical thinking skills, which empower youths to make informed decisions about their health and well-being.

Drama Class: Drama and role-playing are powerful tools for empathy and self-expression. These activities allow youths to explore various life scenarios and consequences in a safe environment. This helps in developing emotional intelligence and coping strategies, reducing the likelihood of turning to addictive substances or behaviors as an escape.

Mentorship Programs: One-on-one mentorship provides youths with role models and guides who offer support, advice, and a listening ear. This relationship fosters a sense of belonging and acceptance, reducing feelings of isolation or misunderstanding that often accompany addiction. Mentors also help identify early signs of addictive behavior and provide timely interventions.

Sports Tournaments: Engaging in sports is not just about physical fitness; it also teaches teamwork, discipline, and goal-setting. Participation in sports can fill the void or need for excitement that might lead to addictive behavior. The endorphins released during physical activities also serve as a natural mood booster, combatting the emotional lows that can lead to substance abuse.

Music Instrument Training: Learning to play a musical instrument is a therapeutic and rewarding experience. It requires focus, discipline, and patience, which are beneficial in developing a structured routine. This kind of creative expression offers a positive outlet for emotions and stress, reducing the likelihood of seeking harmful alternatives.

Through these diverse programs, MYEC aims to address the underlying psychological factors that contribute to addiction. By fostering a sense of community, purpose, and self-worth, we empower our youths to make positive life choices and resist the allure of addictive behaviors.